Introducing Darch, a tool for building immutable, reproducable, and stateless bootable Linux images. Think Docker, but for bare-metal.

I have previously blogged about my desire to have a "docker-like" environment for build images that I can boot bare-metal.

With that said, I created Darch.

What it is

Darch is an application (written in golang) that makes building and booting rootfs images simple. It will generate rootfs.squash files and update grub.cfg for booting them. Even though Darch supports Arch only (Gentoo/VoidLinux soon), you can build and boot the images from any operating system that has grub installed.

During boot, a set of hooks are ran (see here) in initcpio that will prepare things like /etc/fstab and /etc/hostname.

See here for my recipes. It is setup with Travis-CI to auto-deploy to Docker Hub, where my bootable images are deployed to. Darch supports pulling from Docker Hub to boot images locally.


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